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How to get the most value from your trade-in

Before you sell or trade in your car, it’s vital to know its current value. The good news is that a number of reputable websites give you quick access to this information. But before you start clicking through price estimates, it’s important to understand the differences among the types of used car values and to find out what makes your car worth more or less. This will help you select the best price for your situation and get the most money for your car. Read on to learn more about How Much is my Car Worth so you can price your used car right.

Many factors influence your car’s value:

How Much is my Car Worth

Accident history and used car values

It’s no secret that a vehicle’s history impacts its value. If your car has a clean history, this can be a great selling feature that bolsters its value.

Has your car been in an accident? Was it repaired properly by a reputable source? Be transparent about any damage history and present yourself as a trustworthy seller – 50% of used car buyers are open to purchasing a car with minor accident history. Give them a VTNZ report to provide third-party validation of the vehicle’s history, even accident history, and help provide peace of mind that any damage has been repaired properly and the vehicle is in the same condition you say it is.

How maintenance impacts used car value

Keeping up to date with regular service like oil changes, tire rotations, alignment and brake inspections increases the value of your used car by providing the new buyer with assurance that the vehicle has been properly cared for. You can charge a little bit more for a vehicle with records of regular service history than without, because, if the buyer questions your asking price, you can provide them your service records as added peace of mind that the vehicle is in good shape.

Odometer reading and current condition

Any used car buyer will want to be confident in the condition of the vehicle they’re considering buying. Be upfront about anything that’s occurred in the vehicle’s history and what has been done to repair it – and provide them with a car history report to back up this information. Be proud of your vehicle’s ‘clean’ history, or be upfront about damage that’s occurred in the past.

What is your odometer reading? The average New Zealander drives 30,000 km per year. If it’s higher than average, this may be something you can explain. If you racked up the kilometers making highway trips commuting to work, share this info with the buyer, as this type of travel causes less wear-and-tear than driving in stop-and-go city traffic.

Future Value

Most people don’t realize that depreciation is the single most expensive cost of vehicle ownership. Understanding how a vehicle has historically held its value can be helpful when assessing the cost of one vehicle over another. It is also helpful when determining at what point during the loan term you will be in an equity position.

Average Asking Price

Whether you are buying or selling a vehicle, you want to be confident that the price is right. Everyday we track thousands of retail listings and provide you with the most up-to-date average asking price for similar vehicles. Before you set your list price or make an offer to purchase, use our tool and go in smarter.

How Do We Give You a Better Value?

Because we have so many locations (1. Auckland car buyers, 2. Hamilton car buyers, 3. Wellington car buyers, 4. Christchurch car buyers). that we can sell from, and the largest customer database of buyers looking for specific vehicles, we can optimize our inventory to get the right cars to the right place.

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