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Used Car Buyers buy cars in 20 minutes!

Used Car Buyers

Usedcarguys offer an easy way to get cash for your vehicle. Whether you are driving a luxury car or a basic older model, you can get the money that you need quickly when you sell your vehicle to Used Car Buyers.


Have you ever tried to sell a vehicle? Taking out the ads and fielding the endless phone calls can be a very lengthy process. Many times it can take several months of jockeying other people around just to find that perfect buyer. Finding someone to pay what you ask can be especially difficult. Usually you will have to compromise on your original asking price.

Overtime, selling a vehicle, especially in the current economy can be both taxing and time consuming. Used Car Buyers has a great program that can take the hassles and headaches out of selling a vehicle. They can come to your home or your workplace and let you know how much they can pay you for your vehicle. Then if you say yes, they will take the vehicle and pay you cash in hand. It is really that simple.


This New Zealand based company has been serving Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and the rest of both islands towns for two decades. They have a reputation, not only for offering a fair price on each vehicle, but also for their fast and honest transactions and professional customer service. They also know how to handle all the paperwork so you know everything is completed correctly the first time through.

Sure you could opt for selling a vehicle on your own, but why would you. With a reputable company like Used Car Buyers you can get rid of that unwanted vehicle and turn it into cash fast. This allows you to get on with your life. Getting the cash you need for a down payment on a new vehicle or for that vacation you are planning is a snap with the Cash for Cars program. You will make just as much money this way but without the hassle of dealing with strangers and interruptions to your life.