2021 Guide for Selling your Car Online in New Zealand

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Selling your car can feel like a daunting prospect. The process seems full of twists and turns, with potential potholes at every corner, but it doesn’t have to be a challenging task with Used Car Guys online car buying service throughout Aotearoa:

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2021 Guide for Selling your Car Online in New Zealand

Selling your used car online can feel like arduous process, it’s not always straightforward

Traditionally, selling your used car has involved time-consuming paperwork, the stress of showing your car to strangers, and the fear that by the end of it, you’re going to end up with a lot less money than you first expected.

There are now so many different ways of selling your car online, it can be hard for many sellers to navigate the complex web of buyers when you are wondering “who will buy my car?“.

In recent years, the simplicity of the selling process offered by a growing number of online car buying services has made it far easier if you want to sell quickly. It’s this speedy route to a sale that this guide focuses on.

What is a UCG Car Buying Website?

Sell a car yourself and you may well end up with a good price. However the actual process can be time-consuming and you’ll have to wade through the complexities of a private sale at every stage yourself.

From advertising the car, showing it to strangers, dealing with time-wasters and – when you’ve finally found a buyer – haggling over the price. Selling your car privately is likely to be both a long and tiring efforts.

There’s also the option of selling it online at Auto Trader or TradeMe, or even auctioning it offline through companies such as TurnersManheim or at local car auctions.

Yet here the price won’t be fixed, and you can easily end up going through a lot of trouble only to end up with less than you’d hoped to receive for your car.

However, a third option does exist. There are now numerous instant online car buyers.

In fact, the number of car buying websites has been continuously on the rise for the last decade or so.

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As a result, many different buyers now offer a comprehensive, hassle-free alternative to the more traditional methods of selling your car with an Used Car Guys. UCG site has become the favored method for many wanting to sell their used cars quickly.

We offer to take much of the legwork out of the process of selling your car.

Yet what exactly is an Used Car Guys? What sort of service is usedcarguys.co.nz actually offering? And how does the process of selling your car through them work?

How Do UCG Work?

Selling your car online through the likes of TradeMe or Auto Trader can be very time-consuming as you have to wait for customers to respond to your adverts and there is no guarantee they will at all.

Though it may end with you getting the best possible deal for your vehicle, there are no guarantees of attracting a buyer. You might end up frustrated and still in possession of your car after the whole admin-heavy affair.

UCG services are very different. This is company that bulk-buy used cars for cash – they buy of all makes, brands and types in order to sell them off for a profit (usually at an auction or through a network of partner car dealers).


As a result, Used Car Guys is not fussy and are always looking to buy cars of any age, make or model.

Using our online car buying site removes a lot of the pressure and stress involved in selling your vehicle privately.

Rather than needing to appeal to a private buyer, Used Car Guys offer you quick cash for your vehicle.

How to Sell a Car through Used Car Guys?

All you have to do, is enter your car registration number, along with a some other details depending on which company you choose, and they’ll usually provide you with an instant free online valuation.

If that valuation is to your liking, you can choose to proceed, and arrange either a collection or drop off date.

Used Car Guys will inspect your used car before providing a final offer, whereas others will provide a guaranteed offer over the phone as long as you give an accurate description of the car’s condition.

Get Free Quote TODAY.

Are Our Online Car Buying Site the Best Option for you?

Our online car buying services are great if you’re looking to sell a car quickly and get the cash as soon as possible.

However, though that sounds great, the downside is often the price you’ll be offered.

The way online car buyers make their profit is by selling the cars on to other traders (whether at auction or direct to dealers).

As a result, this does mean that they rarely offer the vehicle’s full retail value.

If you have the time and the energy to sell your vehicle privately, you may be able to achieve a higher price.

If you just want to sell your car quickly and don’t want the hassle involved in selling either privately, through a dealer or an auction, then Used Car Guys online car buyers offer a FAST and EASY solution.

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Though the options when it comes to Used Car Guys can be overwhelming, they all aim to make the process of selling quick.

As a result, they can free you up from many of the stresses involved in selling your car.

In the rest of this 2021 Guide for Selling your Car Online in New Zealand, we look at some of the most popular online car buying services offered by UCG.

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