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Sell My Damaged Car New Zealand

cash for cars Sydney   Sell Write off Vehicle for Cash

Used Car Guys purchase vehicles that are insurance write offs. If your vehicle has been involved in a vehicle collision you may be informed by the insurance company that the car is a write off. Essentially, this means that the vehicle is beyond economical repair. This most certainly will affect the value we provide. Please note that we perform a car background check on every vehicle we purchase and this report clearly indicates to us whether the vehicle has been involved in any insurance claims.

Quite often with a repair bill, one problem can lead to another. And in many cases garages, mechanics and main-dealers can only quote for what they think is wrong with your vehicle. But the problem could be a lot worse and eventually lead to hidden expenses.

Working with a number of car auction companies (Turners, Manheim), accident management companies and insurance companies across New Zealand we also collect damaged vehicles and repairable salvage.

Have you Got an Aussie Car Import and Don’t Know what to Do?

Damage to your car can include interior damage (airbag been deployed, damaged seats, scuffs and scratches to the steering wheel and dashboard) as well as exterior damage (dents and scratches to the body, damaged paintwork, taillights fault), both of which can be caused by neglect, road accidents or just old age. The good news is that even if your car is not in the best condition, you are still able to Sell Write off Vehicle for Cash to us.

All we ask is that you remember when filling out our free car valuation form to state your damage in as much detail as possible.

The damage you enter will not impact the guide price we offer to you. This will be considered during your appointment where we will always carry out a full on-site appraisal. We believe an on-site appraisal is fairer for both parties rather than an automated system, mainly because the perception of damage and repair costs may differ from what is actual.

It really should go without saying, if your car’s bodywork is in excellent condition, the value of your car will be much higher than if it is damaged. It is worth bearing in mind one door panel on a car could cost at least NZD300 to paint.

Sell My Faulty/De-Registered Car 

Broken down in your local garage / main dealers, in a pound incurring storage charges?

Has your car been written off, failed its WOF or Australia damaged beyond repair in a breakdown or accident? Then take the hassle and stress out of getting rid of an unwanted car by getting in touch with Used Car Guys. We buy  write-off vehicles of any model, age or condition from locations across New Zealand, quoting the very best prices to help you get back on the road with a brand new car.  You’ll get peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen a safe and responsible way to Sell Write off Vehicle for Cash.

We offer the fastest and most convenient service possible, with our friendly car buyers always willing to offer help and advice. Not only do we offer free car collections all across north and south islands, but we also transfer the cash to you on the same day, meaning you’ll get paid instantly. We’ll also handle any paperwork needed to sell your car – it really is as quick and simple as it sounds!

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Understanding vehicle write-0ff categories

We simplify The “Damage Assessment Criteria for the Classification of Statutory Write-Offs” to 4 categories of written-off vehicles as following:

  • Category 1 – A written-off vehicle that must be totally destroyed
  • Category 2 – A written-off vehicle from which used parts may be re-sold, but the chassis must be destroyed so that the vehicle itself cannot return to the road in its current form
  • Category 3 – A written-off vehicle that has sustained structural damage but is considered repairable (Statutory write-off)
  • Category 4 – A written-off vehicle that has sustained non-structural damage or was stolen-recovered

Disposing of your car

If the cost of repair exceed the market value of your car, consider sell car to wreckers.

Contact us today to find out just how to  Sell Write off Vehicle for Cash in New Zealand. With prices between $900 and $19,000 it really is worth getting in touch!

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