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Best Ways to Sell your Chinese Car for Cash

Planning to sell your HAVAL car? Here you can learn the different ways and places you can do so and how each might affect the price you’ll get. And don’t miss our tips on the best time to sell your car and what to do if there is still outstanding finance.

China Cars Buyer

Used Car Guys are reliable, professional and fast buyers of used Chinese vehicles. We encourage our customers to get a free online car valuation for desired satisfaction. Our customers are our pride and we guarantee top-quality customer service to win your trust.


Just as UCG takes the hassle out of buying a car, it’s no surprise we take the hassle out of how to sell your China car too. We’ve teamed up with The Unwanted Car Buying Group to make selling your car for cash, simple, hassle-free and built to suit you.


  • Great Wall: Steed 4×2 / 4×4  Single Cab Diesel, Steed Dual Cab Petrol 4X2, Steed 4×2 / 4×4  Dual Cab Diesel, V240
  • HAVAL: H2 Compact SUV, H6 Sports SUV, H9 7-Seat 4X4 
  • MG: MG3, MG5, MG ZS, MG GS…
  • LDV: T60, G10 Cargo Van, V80 Series, D90, LDV 11/12/14…

Advantages of using Used Car Guys Services:

The China Cars Buyer team offer many facilities that are beneficial for Chinese car owners.

  • First, they are ready to purchase Chinese cars in all conditions. This means that used car owners can convert it to cash, irrespective of its condition.
  • Second, the UCG does not demand the owners to make any repairs to the car before purchasing it.
  • Third, the UCG offers free assessment and price quotations for the China vehicle. The China Cars Buyer team come to the location of the owner to ensure that the process is convenient.
  • Fourth, they offer good prices in exchange for all kinds of China cars in all kinds of conditions.
  • Fifth, the UCG offers pick-up services to remove the car from the owner’s garage or residence. 

Choosing the Best China Cars Buyer

You’ll get the most for your car by selling to UCG. The other option is cash for cars companies, for by a car-auction website.

If you sell to USG you might get 10% to 15% more for your car than you would from a car dealership.

This means if your car was worth $6,000 if sold to UCG, you’d lose at least $1000 by selling it to an auto dealer.

Disposing of your car

If your car is reaching the end of its life and becoming uneconomic to maintain, consider donating it to charity or scrapping it.

Contact Used Car Guys:

Owners who want to sell their China cars just have to call Used Car Guys on 0800 111 352. So hurry now to answer your question China Cars Buyer?.

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